How to choose a hosting for an online store

The key to successful and high-quality work of the site is reliable data storage. When launching a new project, not everyone attaches importance to this, but in the future, such a service will help owners to secure their business. The term refers to the platform for storing the site. Hosting ensures uninterrupted operation of the resource. Providers offer a variety of storage options and terms. The article contains information that will help you choose a hosting for an online store.

Hosting types

Choosing a hosting provider is difficult enough for novice entrepreneurs. It is necessary to focus on the capabilities of the server, as well as on the features of the project itself. There are the following types of hosting: virtual, virtual dedicated server, cloud. Some companies offer to place the client’s equipment in their own data center.

Shared hosting

It is the most inexpensive and popular type. The bottom line is that the client files are located on a separate dedicated site. It also contains documentation owned by other users. In this case, the server resource is evenly distributed among all clients. The downside is that there may be some restrictions in the operation of sites associated with a lack of acceptable disk space. However, the main advantage is the low cost (from $ 5 per month), which makes this type of data storage so popular.

Virtual server (VPS / VDS)

The main difference from a conventional virtual server is that there will be fewer users on the site, as well as access to managing software settings. The client has higher capabilities of the operating system (RAM, disk quota, etc.). At the same time, resources are limited, but the user can increase the required parameter. The cost of services can vary from $ 20 to $ 50 per month.

Physical hosting

It consists in the placement by the client of the site on the server, which is located on a separate technical site of the company. The online store can make the most of the system’s capabilities. The nuance is that the staff only monitors the technical state of the server. A dedicated employee will need to be hired for management and maintenance. In comparison with other types of physical hosting – the most expensive, the cost of rent can reach hundreds of dollars.

Suitable for large projects with the traffic of tens of thousands of users, which is constantly growing. Hosting ensures optimal operation of a large online store, the budget of which includes the salary of the employee who maintains the server.

Free or paid hosting

Companies often offer free services. Before posting data on such sites, it is worth analyzing all the nuances. The user agreement usually indicates a lot of restrictions and obligations of the client. The disadvantages of such proposals include.

Poor technical support. As a rule, Cheap Windows VPS hoster’s employees cannot always respond quickly and help solve the problem in a quality manner. Even the best CMS for an online store will perform poorly on poor hosting.

Limited disk space. Initially set limits may not be inconvenient. However, over time, with an increase in resource traffic, the server will not cope with the load. As a result, for the site to work correctly, it is necessary to increase the disk space for a separate payment.

Domain name. Usually, users of free services are located at 3 or more levels, which, first of all, promotes the owner of the server.

Advertising. In order to resolve the issue of costs for free services, the owner can launch an advertisement without the client’s knowledge. Reviews indicate that sites with constant advertising cause a negative attitude from the user.

Limiting script support. In this case, the client cannot fully implement his project.

Server speed. Most free hosting providers limit traffic to customers. This leads to slow website loading and lower search engine rankings.

Removal option. Free hosting administrators can delete a site without giving any reason.